Headshot Photography Examples

Which headshot style to choose?

Choosing a professional headshot style depends on the image you want to project. A pure white background offers a clean, modern look, perfect for professional profiles. Grey backgrounds are sophisticated and adaptable, complementing various skin tones and outfits. Black backgrounds create a dramatic, elegant effect. Environmental headshots, featuring your workplace or surroundings, add a personal and authentic touch.

It’s really down to personal preference and the image you would like to convey. Take a look at some of the headshot portfolio examples we have photographed by clicking on the options below. 

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Popular Styles of Corporate Headshots

For a crisp, clean and timeless look thats easy to replicate across your brand. 

Show off your amazing workspace for an authentic, approachable feel

A look that can be classic or contemporary grey can be a great choice. 

For something different, headshots with a black background are perfect.


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Impactful Corporate Headshots Grey Background
Professional headshot of a man with a grey backdrop