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How to Organise a Team Headshot Session

Preparing your team for a corporate headshot session can seem like a daunting task, but with a little planning and coordination, you can ensure the process is smooth and the results are outstanding. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get your team ready for their close-ups.

1: Communicate With Your Team

Once the objectives are clear, communicate them to your team. Explain:

– Why the photoshoot is happening and how the images will be used
– What they should wear
– The timetable for the day
– Remind them a few times that the headshots are happening. Especially the day before. One of the biggest comments we hear is that people had ‘forgotten’ were today and their hair is a mess or they forgot to bring a jacket with them.

2: Create a Timetable

Set up a schedule with a timeslot for everyone who needs a headshot.

Time Slots: Aim for about 10 minutes per person. 10 minutes gives enough time for a bit of chatting to help people relax plus guidance on how to stand and their expression. While this is a good guideline for standard headshots, feel free to adjust it if you like or if people need a variety of images. Most people prefer to get it done quickly since it’s not usually something they’re excited about. But it’s up to you.

Availability: If you need to photograph a lot of people then consider booking us for a couple of different days. That way if they’re on holiday or have meetings, they would hopefully be able to come to the other one.

New Starters / Unavailable: For any new starters or people who weren’t available, why not get them to come to our studio to be photographed. We can even replace the studio background with your office so you would never know they weren’t photographed on the same day. 

3: Choose the Right Location & Style

Decide whether the photoshoot will take place at your office, an offsite location, or a studio. For onsite shoots, if you’re opting for environmental shots, choose an environment that reflects your brand’s personality and values.

4: Dress Code Guidelines

Provide your team with clear dress code guidelines. Here are some tips:

Perception: Consider how you would like the team to be perceived i.e. formal or informal. Shirts without jackets can look creased and should be avoided. Therefore if you’re looking for traditional business attire make sure all men remember to bring a jacket with them.

Stick to Solid Colours: Patterns can be distracting. Solid colours are more professional and timeless.

Coordinate Outfits: Suggest a colour palette that aligns with your brand. This ensures a cohesive look in group photos.

Avoid Bright Colours: Opt for neutral or muted tones that complement everyone’s skin tones.

Consider Layers: Jackets or cardigans can add a professional touch and offer options for different looks.

5: Prepare the Environment
If you are using the office as the headshot background make sure it is tidy and free from clutter. The background will be out of focus but you can still see it and if there’s lots of cables / piles of paper / water bottles / etc on tables it looks quite messy. Not quite the look most organisations are going for.
6: Team Photos

Do you want images of the team together? If so:
Tell Us:  It’s important that we know beforehand as we may need to bring different equipment and lenses with us

Seating: Have a selection of seating at different heights available. Having people at different heights creates a more dynamic feel to team images. This can include stools, sofas, and reception chairs. 

Location: As we will be able to see more of the environment around the team photo it’s even more important to make sure that it’s tidy and will represent your branding. 

7: Selecting Images

Depending on the number of people being photographed, the process of selecting the final images can be quite time consuming. There are a few options how it can be done:
– They can choose their favourite on the day
– We can choose for you 
– You can choose for them
– You can send the gallery around for each person to choose their own. This option takes a while, is quite administrative and often you would need to chase people for their favourites.



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