We bring a keen eye for detail and creativity, ensuring every dish looks as delectable in photos as it does in person. We highlight the textures, colors, and presentation of your cuisine, while also showcasing the unique atmosphere of your dining space. Whether for menus, marketing, or social media, our high-quality images will entice and captivate your audience, driving more customers to your doors. 

Capturing Culinary Excellence

Showcase the artistry of your dishes with stunning food photography that highlights every delicious detail, enticing your customers and elevating your brand.

Authentic Restaurant Atmosphere

Our photography captures the unique ambiance of your restaurant, conveying the warmth and charm of your dining experience to potential patrons.

Behind-the-Scenes Moments

From bustling kitchens to meticulous plating, we document the passion and dedication that goes into every meal, telling your culinary story authentically.

Team Portraits

Highlight the faces behind your restaurant with professional portraits of your staff, adding a personal touch that connects with your audience.

Photographing Restaurants Across London and the UK

Our restaurant and food  photography is designed to capture the essence and energy of your brand. Giving you a wide range of images to promote your service.

We understand that every dish has a story, and our photography captures the passion and dedication that go into each one. From bustling kitchens to meticulously plated meals, we document behind-the-scenes moments that reflect the heart and soul of your culinary operations. Additionally, our team portraits add a personal touch, featuring the talented individuals behind your restaurant and creating a connection with your audience.

Our services extend beyond just photographing food; we also capture elegant table settings, seasonal specials, and mouth-watering menu highlights. Our images are perfect for menus, websites, marketing materials, and social media, helping you to engage with your audience and attract new customers with visually compelling content.

At Gannon Studios, we are committed to delivering high-quality images that elevate your brand and make your culinary offerings shine.

We believe in offering exceptional restaurant and food photography that elevates your restaurant’s image.

Our pricing includes a pre-shoot consultation to discuss your specific needs, ensuring a tailored experience that aligns with your brand.

We use top-of-the-line cameras, lighting and expert techniques in composition and lighting to ensure each shot is vibrant and appealing.

Post-shoot, we provide meticulous retouching to enhance the final images, maintaining a natural yet polished look. Your edited photos are perfect for menus, websites, social media, marketing materials, and more.

Restaurant and Food Service Photography

We bring the studio to you!
All packages include
  • Specialist lighting and lenses to capture your creations!
  • Combine Food, Interior, Staff and Branding images in one shoot
  • Immediate review of your images direct to large screen
  • Highly experienced restaurant and food photographer
  • Advice on food styling where required
  • Social media ready images for increased engagement
  • Travel within 30 Miles of Chiswick Included
  • Custom packages for extra days, locations or photographers.
  • Expertly edited images to entice your clients

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